Our Disinfection services

Our non-toxic application methods effectively kill COVID-19, as well as other germs, viruses, & bacteria that can get you sick.

Electrically charged disinfecting technology enables the disinfectant to attach itself to micro-organisms & kill them.

Using specialist microfiber wipes and disinfectants, we wipe down all high touch areas & sensitive surfaces for quality disinfecting.

Fogging uses low pressure disinfecting to apply disinfectant to large volumes of air, killing all germs upon contact.

Our chemicals are “food-safe and hospital strong,” List N approved by the EPA to effectively kill COVID-19.

Industries we Disinfect:

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our 3-Step Disinfecting System

We provide a 360° clean of every surface, object, and even the air!


When we talk, we’ll discuss your disinfecting needs & carry out a risk assessment.


Our team will pre-plan their route of disinfection, what chemicals we use & take precautions to mitigate exposure.


Finally, we will implement our planning to thoroughly disinfect your location with a 360° approach and you’ll be back to work within minutes.

What you should know about covid-19 to protect yourself and others.

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Important ways to slow the spread

Disinfecting for Covid-19

How we eliminate covid-19 and other viruses.

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We offer emergency disinfecting, one-time treatments, and regularly scheduled disinfection.

Disinfecting Service Area

Our team has disinfected across the southeast, but we proudly call Georgia home. From Atlanta to Athens, Monticello to Lawrenceville, and everywhere in between, we’ve got you covered!